2-Day FDP on Cases -Writing & Using as a Learning Tool

Effective learning methodology harps on the contents those have a practical orientation, directly or indirectly deduced from the live or near-live experiences from the industry. This approach is the most desirable as of the date and also high in sync with the industry expectations from the B-School churn-outs.

B-Schools providing simulated industry environment to the students always give an edge while sculpting their desired persona. This noble cause can be undertaken only by highly skilled faculty members who possess the qualities of writing professional Case-studies and also have the desired skills to use such Cases as an effective learning tool in the classrooms. This is with above background, a 2-day FDP on “Cases – Writing and Using an Effective Learning Tool” has been conceptualized and being organized at Navsahyadri Group of Institutes, Faculty of Management – MBA & MCA, Nasrapur, Pune during 19th and 20th April 2017 in our Campus.
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