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Navsahyadri Group of Institutes (NESGI), Naigaon, Nasrapur, Pune has a rich tradition of pursuing excellence and has continually reinvented itself in terms of academic programs, research, infrastructure and industry collaborations. This has time and again been emphasized by Shri P N Suke, President, Navsahyadri Education Society to minimize the gap between the academia and industry to ensure high standards of professionalism in all walks of life. With this vision NESGI organized its 3rd HR Meet, “Need for Enhancing Skills for Industry 4.0” on 8th Sep. 2018, wherein over 55 HR managers, industry veterans, business leaders, academicians, entrepreneurs from different industry in the region including few selected students participated in the event. The HR Meet was organized under the umbrella of Industry 4.0. The Key Note in the Meet was delivered by Mr. Nitesh Singh, Director, Cloud Operations in Silicus Technology pvt. ltd., Pune, IT Park Aundh. He is also an author of a book called “Transform Yourself from Individual Contributor to Group Leader”.  Mr. Nitesh Singh emphasized his 5-mantras on “How to Convert Your Organization to Great Place of Work”. The mantras are:

  1. Set up platform for 2 way communication;
  2. Build 2 way trust between management and your employee’s;
  3. Put an effective employee’s career development framework in place;
  4. Benchmark each team/organization goals against the goals of a top performing organization of your business domain;
  5. Make reward and recognition a special thing but be lavish in giving it to justified people.

2nd session of the HR Meet was a panel discussion on “Skill Development vrs Skill Enhancement” wherein the panelist were from Industry and Academia. They were Mr. Vijay Chandras, Factory Head, Superpaint Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Rohit Ghosh, Founder Director, The Pedagogy and Dr. R. J. Patil, Principal, Faculty of Engineering. Panel discussion was moderated by Mr. Rohan Deliwala, Sr. Manager, VolksWagen. While each panelist expressed his views on the questions thrown by the moderator, the industry participants in the audience also actively participated and generated enough heat in the entire discussion as each question was also floated open to get more views.  Following major issues were debated in the panel discussion:

  1. What do organizations struggle for ‘Hard Skills’ or ‘Soft Skills’ ?
  2. What gives more stress to Organization ‘Skill Development’ or ‘Skill Enhancement’?
  3. Which has better ROI ‘Skill Development’ or ‘Skill Enhancement’?
  4. How can value chain be improved?
  5. Should skill development be pushed back to Academia or to stay with industry?
  6. How can Industry- Academia collaborate for skill development so that organization can improve ROI?
  7. How can Industry- Academia collaborate for skill development ?
  8. Top issues faced by Industry for skilling?
    1. Entry level
    2. Middle Management
    3. Management
    4. Where can Academia help industry to solve it’s problems?

Entire discussion on the topic culminated into a very healthy and mutually inclusive debate wherein both the industry and academia agreed and resolved to the following points:

  1. More such interactions are needed on regular frequency
  2. To make it more effective and scalable, sector-wise meeting to be organised
  3. Students from the Navsahyadri Group to be involved in industry to undertake live projects
  4. Joint committees between the industry and Navsahyadri to be formed to achieve bigger objectives bridging the gap between the industry and academia on various fronts
  5. Industry groomed students from the Navsahyadri to be absorbed by the neighboring companies on the preferential basis
  6. MDPs on various subjects/ topics for industry to be organized in the Campus of Navsahyadri

Dr. K S Charak, Director, Faculty of Management, Navsahyadri Group of Institutes and coordinator of the program summarized the event and proposed the vote of thanks for all speakers and participants from the Industry and Academia.

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