As corporate companies are expecting higher standards of competence from millennial recruits, conventional university education will no longer be the primary recruiting filter as it used to be. However, alarmingly a great number of millennial recruits in India are not equipped with the skill-set needed to be successful in careers of 21st century.

While one may argue that, there is no gap between academic skills and employment skills; the fact of the matter is that only an intelligent application of knowledge and soft skills in real-world settings will create a path of success in this world of constant disruption. You need to be aware of key skills that recruiters expect of you in 21st century.

So let’s talk about top three 21st century skills that recruiters expect you to know.


In 21st century, those who cannot learn, unlearn and re-learn can be termed as illiterates. Hence those with keenness of learning will have higher chances of success. Promptitude in learning means ability to learn new information in lesser time and apply the knowledge in new situations. If you want to be one among the progressive millennials, you need to prove that you can quickly adapt to new information and stay proactive. You must slowly and steadily build your learning agility within your academic years. Do not be afraid of failing. You will gradually become more adaptable in learning new things and be ready for a new world.


You are surrounded by online and offline distractions.  Over use of social media has resulted in a shallow concentration power. It has become your second nature to offer superficial attention to many irrelevant things. This has created a huge demand for millennials who are capable of sharp focus for longer durations. The good news is that you can develop a sharp focus by practice each day. For this, you will have to intentionally plug yourself from your devices and spend some quality time for productive activities. This may seem unnerving at first but take support from your elders and teachers. Commit to yourself that you have to increase your concentration levels higher.


Undoubtedly, millennials have an entrepreneurial spirit be it blogging or personal branding or freelancing. Hence it is more critical for millennial to employ design thinking for creating value to their end customer.  

You can design the way you create and innovate with a design mindset. It is a ‘solution-focused and action-oriented’ mindset. It requires more analysis and imagination. You may nurture a design mindset by attending a boot camp on design thinking. Learn the core concepts of the industry and keep abreast with emerging best practices. An important ingredient for design thinking is the presence of human-centered approach. To develop this, you must involve yourself in collaborative tasks and group activities.

In conclusion, you must develop promptitude in learning, sharp focus and design thinking to gain a competitive advantage and outshine in your era. 

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