Every passing year, more and more MBAs are being added to the workforce not only in India but in also in Abroad, making it a preferred choice for any individual aspiring to have a flourishing career.

As per a 2017 survey-

Almost 96% of the employers all over the world believe that graduates who’ve done MBA add value to their companies. Moreover, while 73% of the Indian employers were planning to hire MBAs for various positions in their company in 2016, the number reached 84% in 2018.

This observation clearly suggests that there is increasing demand for MBA graduates.

Thousands of students apply for our flagship MBA program for a few limited seats at NESGI which is considered to be one of the best college for management studies in Nasarapur, Pune.

At NESGI, MBA+ program does not deal largely with history, perceptions and plain theories, which a university MBA degree mostly deals with. MBA+ programs keep its focus mostly on the applied features of the business/specific industry & not on the general theories. The salient features of MBA (+) are:

  • MBA (+) is an entrepreneurial centered program that permits its students to apply their knowledge and acquired skill set directly in a professional workplace for better work-life integration.
  • MBA (+) program is a golden ticket for job seekers. It develops students to become street smart individuals by keeping the focus on applied facets of business management.
  • All MBA (+) sessions are delivered by subject matter experts and hardcore industry professionals.
  • Some hot-in-demand modules covered within 1st and 2nd Semester of MBA (+) are: Business analytics and Data intelligence, Entrepreneurship and Leadership Program, Business Model Cases and MS Advanced Excel.  These are short modules and cost-efficient than a regular MBA. The certifications that a student may consider re doing after a regular MBA for better job prospects are already covered within MBA (+).